Opportunities at G360

If you are interested in an undergraduate student exchange or co-op placement, want to earn a Masters or PhD degree in applied groundwater research, or if you are looking to advance your career in hydrogeology, you've come to the right place! Why? Because at G360 we are promoting and conducting leading-edge groundwater research and believe that groundwater is a resource that must be appreciated and respected. We also believe that strong international collaboration with industrial and academic partners is the fastest way to get there.




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The University of Guelph is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and offers a high quality academic environment in a beautiful and friendly setting. The City of Guelph, a vibrant community of over 120,000 people, is ranked among the top ten places to live in Canada (http://guelph.ca/). The City of Guelph is one of the largest municipalities in Canada that is dependent on groundwater for its municipal water supply making it an excellent location for, and firm supporter of, groundwater research. Proximity to numerous research universities within 60 mile radius (Western, Waterloo, Laurier, McMaster, UT, Ryerson, York) and major metropolitan centers make this a highly collaborative institution.