About G360


Global respect for groundwater.


We deliver postgraduate training and professional development short courses that create the world's most highly qualified groundwater experts. Armed with leading-edge knowledge, tools and technologies, these experts can properly manage groundwater to support healthy ecosystems and provide clean and sustainable fresh water to individuals and communities locally and around the world.

The Importance of Groundwater

One-third of the world's population... about two billion people... depend on groundwater for their drinking water. Groundwater is the world's most extracted raw material generating a $400 billion dollar global industry, the third largest behind electricity and oil.

This extremely important resource is threatened by industrial, agricultural and over extraction processes. In the US alone over 300,000 groundwater sites are believed to be contaminated. And in the developing world 80 percent of diseases are believed to be caused by contaminated water.

At G360 we do field-focused groundwater research. We are the focal point of a global collaboration of 20 institutions in 11 countries where 15 principle investigators oversee more than 150 academic experts supported by more than 25 multinational corporations and industrial sponsors as well as all levels of government contributing over $8 million/year to the challenge. This program is unique as no other facilities for groundwater research and education with these features exist anywhere in the world.

Applied Groundwater Research:

  • Developing the technical solutions to challenges in understanding contaminant hydrogeology;

  • Development and application of novel tools for groundwater investigation and remediation.

  • Strongly supported by field data, and verified through laboratory and numerical experiments.

  • Collaborative effort between universities, government and private industry.

  • Building bridges between stakeholders and the communities using and developing groundwater resources


Field-Focussed Applied Research!

That's what makes us unique. That's what has helped us develop over 24 independent technology patents; technology solutions for real-world groundwater protection and remediation; developed in the field; deployed in the field, at sites around the world and in our own back yard at the U of G "Bedrock Aquifer Field Facility". Join us at G360 and be a part of a group that receives generous industry support of nearly $8million per year. That's how we do it!

  • Improve standard field data collection methods.

  • Create innovative field data collections methods.

  • Use field data to ground truth conceptual and numerical models


"To work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor" - Merriam-Websters Dictionary definition of Collaboration

The nature of our work is collaborative because it needs to be. No one individual, institute, research centre or government organization has all the answers. The challenges facing water protection, supply and remediation are complex and global in nature. But working together we can develop new technologies and move quickly to solve the problems of contaminated groundwater. We can find innovative new ways to identity and protect future drinking water supplies. And when you join us at G360 you'll be joining a collaboration of the brightest minds in the field... in the field. At last count our work is being carried out at 22 sites around the world. You can't get more applied than that! Check out all of our great collaborators below.

Government and University Collaborators

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G360 Funding Breakdown

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*Additional funding and in kind sponsorship provided by Corporate Collaborators listed under the Collaborators tab